2003 Meeting Minutes


East Side of Lower Pine Lake
Approval of Bids for Cabinets
Private Road Work
Discuss Town Attorney


East Side of Lower Pine Lake
Doug Hansen - Re-Zoning
Hank Fogelberg - White Pine Inc. - Approval of Road Construction Plans
Town of Alden Website
Ballot Drawing


East Side of Lower Pine Lake
Review Agreement Salt/Sand Shed
Appoint Town Attorney
Steve Young - Approval of 40 Acre Development
2010 Planning Grant
Open Sealed Bids


East Side of Lower Pine Lake
Polk County Tourism Council - Celebration
Discuss Resolution for County Road K
New Amery Fire Hall Financial Obligation
Dan Powers - Water Problem on 206th Street
Appoint two (2) Open Seats for Statutory Planning Commission
Possible Public Works Ordinance Amendment
Open Sealed Bids for Salt/Sand Shed


Randy Goglin - Temporary Occupancy for Mobile Trailer House
Exclusive Agricultural Zoning Recommendation
Mark Cellotti - Road Proposal
Irvin Elkin - Zoning Change Request
Doug Hanson - Zoning Change Request


East Side of Lower Pine Lake
Salt/Sand Shed
Laub & Horton Representative
Home for Life
Town of Alden Burning Ordinance
Possible Hiring of an Engineer
Church Pine Boat Landing
Resolution Concerning Exclusive Ag Zoning
Approval of Class "A" Retail License and Cigarette License - Mork's Big Lake Store and Horsecreek Store
Steve Young - Zoning Request
Steve Young - Preliminary Subdivision Approval
Secluded Land Company - Doug Hansen Property


East Side of Lower Pine Lake
Laub & Horton - Bond Insurance
Cedar Lake Rehab. District - Workman's Compensation
Authorize Bid Proposal Advertisement for Salt and Sand Shed
Firework Permits
Subdivision & Platting Ordinance


East Side of Lower Pine Lake
Discuss 180th Street South of County Road K
Church Road Project
Church Pine Boat Landing - Merle Paulson
Appoint a new member for Planning Commission
Amended subdivision Ordinance
Ron Lee - CSM
Salt/Sand Shed Bids


East Side of Lower Pine Lake - Response to Petition of Residents Presented to Board on
August 14, 2003
Approval of Class "A" Retail License & Cigarette License for new owners of Horsecreek Store
Secluded Land Company - Possible Approval of Preliminary Plat for Doug Hansen Property
Salt/Sand Shed Bids


East Side of Lower Pine Lake
Public Safety
Representatives for Fire & Ambulance Boards
Preliminary Budget Concerns of the Board - Set Budget Date
Secluded Land Company - Approval of Magic Lake Final Plat Doug Hansen Property
Salt/Sand Shed


East Side of Lower Pine Lake - Approve Right of Way Purchase Agreement
Executive Session pursuant to Wis. Stats 19.85(1) (g) for the pupose of conferring with Legal Counsel regarding Home for Life Litigation.
Public Safety
Polk County Request for New Tax Software
Steve Young - Final Plat Approval
Herman & Sandra Hulsey - Variance for Garage - 1891 60th Avenue
Review Driveway Ordinance Recommendation
Salt/Sand Shed


Ease Side of Lower Pine Lake
Set Caucus Date
Set Date for Year End Finances
Review Driveway Ordinance Revisions
Secluded Land - Sign Final Plat for the Doug Hansen Property