2004 Meeting Minutes


Magic Lake Final Plat
Purchase 6 month CD


East Side of Lower Pine Lake
Checking and CD Accounts Update
Ron Meyer - Home for Life
Review Driveway Ordinance
Jerry Ripley from JEO Consulting - Approve Certified Survey Map for Scott Clover Land
Mail Box Issues


East Side of Lower Pine Lake
Ron Meyer - Assessor
Burning Permits
Agenda Items for Annual Meeting
Billing's for Sub-Di8visions
Approve Revised Driveway Ordinance
Ordinance to include the Revised Driveway Ordinance in the Municipal Code of the Town of Alden
Plan Commission - Member Appointments
Jeff Fox / Greg Rivard - Sub-division
Recommendations for road work for the year


East side of Lower Pine Lake
Burning Permits
Resolution relating to Sub-Division Fees
Larry Ramsey - Thompson Tide - NW Corner of Cedar Lake
Set Board of Review Date
Roger Larson - Approval to Change Lot Line
Roger Johnson - Proposed Land Division
Fox/Rivard - Sub-Division
Tim Adams - Variance for Driveway
Mike & Kathy Quitter - Variance for Driveway
Plan Commission - Member Appointments


Contractor Quotes
Burning Permits
Town Attorney Commitment
Plan Commission - Request for Funding - Long Range Planning
Randy Goglin - Review of Permanent Foundation for Trailer House
Fox/Rivard - Approval of CSM for Lot 14
Fox/Rivard - Approval of Preliminary Plat
Neal Baker - Preliminary Approval of Concept Map
Dave Heuring - Approval of Driveways
Roger Johnson - Approval of Final CSM
Tim Adams - Approval of Final CSM
Plan Commission Report - Special Meeting Report


Approval of Class "A" Retail License and Cigarette License - Mork's Big Lake Store and Horsecreek Store
Neal Baker - Approval of Four Lots - CSM
Mike & Kathy Quitter - Approval of Final CSM
Fox/Rivard - Approval of Final Plat
Richard Hodel - Approval of Variance for Driveway
Subdivision Checklist
Plan Commission Report & Activities of Last Meeting
Long Range Planning Issues
Proposed Long Range Transportation Plan
Report on Meeting to Plan Road Issues 2004


Storage of Town Records
Certificate of Deposit
Building Inspection Permit Fees
Insurance Renewal Quotes
Horsecreek Culvert
Arthur Gamache - Proposed Concept/Driveway
Richard Johnson - Proposed CSM
Paul & Pete Kammerud - Concept Review
Ken Wesenberg - Polk County Subdivision Checklist
Wes Anderson - Miller Propert6y - Preliminary Plat
Taylor Investments - Proposed Subdivision
Long Range Planning
Possible purchase of shouldering machine
Salt/Sand Shed


Jeff Shaw - Polk County Health Department - Smoking/Tobacco Policies
Approve Amendment of Sub-Division Ordinance Section 3.0
Identify the Priority of Roads for Long Range Planning
Mike & Kathy Quitter - Final Plat
Steve Young - Possible Resolution Accepting Road as a Town Road
Judd Alton - Foundation for Mobile Home
Neal Baker - Approve Concept Map
Tim Adams - Approve Road Easement
Miller Property - Possible Concept Approval


Jeff Shaw - Polk County Health Department - Smoking/Tobacco Policies
Approval of Ordinances for Appointment of the Clerk and Treasurer's positions
IRS Allowance Rate - Mileage
Glass Damage to Automobile from Chip Sealing - Linda Hogan
Ty Dodge - New Horizon Homes - Possible Approval for CSM
West Central Regional - Resolution to Participate in Multi-jurisdictional Comprehensive Planning Grant
Rice Lake Proposal - Towns Position for Board of Adjustments
Approve Totals for Salt/Sand Shed


Dwight Evenson - 155th Street Issue
Steve Young - Acceptance of Road
Safety Issues - Church Road
Magic Lake - Acceptance of cul de sac design change
Appointment of Election Workers
Plan Commission Wages
Discuss Subdivision Ordinance


Dwight Evenson - 155th Street Issue
Steve Young - Acceptance of Road
Amery Fire Department - New Construction
Deer Park Fire Department - Duane Krueger
Resolution - East Lower Pine Lake Road
Review the Road Certification Materials
Art Gamache - Proposed Concept


Glass Damage to Automobile - Linda Hogan
Discuss Dog Lister
Home for Life - Dog Licenses
Assessor Contract - Ron Meyer
Driveway on 50th West of Lime Quarry
Resolution - Adjust 185th Street
Resolution - Addition to 43rd Avenue
Contract with Amery Ambulance Services
Contract with Osceola Ambulance Services
Set Caucus Date
Set Date for Year End Finances
Appoint Election Worker for 2005-2006
Wes Anderson - Miller Property - Approval of Concept Map
Sign Contract with West Central Regional Planning