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Building Inspector

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Town of Alden

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Building Inspector -
Craig Moriak

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What needs a building permit?

1 and 2 Family Houses, Commercial Buildings, all Additions, Decks, Manufactured Homes, plus Accessory Buildings larger than 144 square feet.

How is the building permit fee determined?

New house permit fees are determined using the following formula:

$100.00 plus $3.75 per $1,000.00 of project valuation, plus Administrative fees of $50.00  The project valuation is the total of the following calculations

Living Area:     $88.50 sq/ft
Basement:       $30.00 sq/ft
Garage:           $30.00 sq/ft
Deck:               $16.50 sq/ft

Modular Dwelling Units are computed at 66% of the new construction fee.

Manufactured Home Units (Mobile Homes) are at a $250.00 flat rate plus any additions.

Alterations and Shell only dwellings are computed at 66% of the new construction fee.

Commercial permit fees are computed on the total valuation of the new construction project.

Permit application assistance fee    $50.00 (if needed)

Re-inspection or change fee            $55.00 per hour

State UDC permit fee                       $35.00 or current fee

Permit to start                                   $50.00

Penalty for starting without permit    Up to double the permit fee

Other Municipal Permit Fees            As needed

An Impact Fee of $2,740.00 is required by the Town for all new dwellings, payable to the Town of Alden and given to the Building Inspector at the same time as receiving the building permit

What is exempt from a building permits?

Residing and reroofing and projects less than $2,500.00

What services are included in the Inspection?

  1. Meet and confer with contractors, developers and owners regarding building plans and concepts
  2. Review building plans for new construction or additions for building code compliance
  3. Help complete the necessary applications and determine the permits needed
  4. Determine the total permit fee for the project and collect all fees
  5. Establish an Administration fee of $50 for each project which covers permit forms, ordering State permit seals, collecting payments, sending forms to the State, handle phone inquires, filing and other miscellaneous duties
  6. Perform all UDC required inspections and to enforce the code with corrective notices or penalties, if needed
  7. Inform the Municipality of any State level changes to the building code
  8. Inspection agency shall stay current on all the latest code requirements and provide the Municipality with copies of all applicable licenses and certifications
  9. Inspection agency will work with the Municipality to provide any services that can legally be offered including Commercial Building Code enforcement, if agreed
  10. Attend Municipality meetings upon request
  11. Moriak Enterprises shall be available to the Municipality and permit holders by telephone, cell phone or email during normal business hours.  The website is always available


For more information regarding Town of Alden Building Permits and to download Permit Applications, Permit and Process Checklist, and Erosion control Regulations Checklist, please go to or call Craig Moriak at (715) 948-2003 or (715) 641-0196

Town Of Alden Phone: (715) 248-7859 Fax (715) 248-7966