Home Building FAQ's - Snow Removal FAQ's

Home Buliding FAQ's

  What permits are necessary to build a home?

First a land use permit must be obtained from the Polk County Zoning Office.  A sanitary system permit is handled through this office as well.  A driveway permit is handled through the Town of Alden and an application is available at our web site or you may click on the driveway permit link above.

A building permit is issued through Dan Kegley, REM Inspecting, LLC.  Click here to be directed to REM Inspecting website for the Town of Alden building permit fee schedule.


I want to sell a single lot from land I own in Alden, what do I need to do?

In many cases these can be handled administratively or where necessary, you go before the town board at a regularly scheduled meeting.  If there are concerns at this level, the concept must be presented to the Alden Plan Commission.  All concerns should go through our town office at: 715-248-7859.


What is necessary to do in order to divide multiple lots in the Town of Alden?

First talk to the town clerk at our office at: 715-248-7859.  Our clerk will provide you with a contact person and phone number to discuss your situation.  Ultimately, it will be necessary to meet with the Alden Plan Commission to discuss your concept.


Will the town provide services for private parties?

The statutes of the State of Wisconsin are very specific; towns are not permitted to do work for private parties.  Except for delivering a culvert for a driveway permit in the town.  We do not do work for private parties.  The last few years, we have had requests to sand private drives.  We do not sand private drives but can provide a couple of contacts of private firms that do such a service.


What rules govern what I can do with the area next to the road?

A town road is generally considered to be 66 feet wide.  You are permitted to place a mail box next to the road, we prefer one that has a swinging arm so that they give when the snow plow goes by and held up by a post that will break away if hit by an automobile.  A mailbox post that is very large or too strong is a serious hazard and will expose yourself and the town to liability if someone is hurt or killed.  Anything placed within the road right of way that presents a safety concern for the town will be required to be removed.

Mailbox Requirements

~ The Postal Service requires the the bottom of the box be 42 to 48 inches above ground level.
~ Support posts should be of a material that will easily break off or move out of the way.
~ Pipes should be two inches inside diameter or less.
~ Square wood supports should not be larger than four inches by four inches.  ( 4" X 4" )
~ Round posts should not  be larger than four and one-half inches in diameter. ( 4 1/2" )
~ Metal channel posts should not weigh more than two pounds per foot.
~ The front of the mailbox should be no closer than the outside edge of the shoulder.

In our efforts to provide safety for our residents, our board will address mailbox placements that we believe will be a safety issue in the town.  The Alden Town Board encourages the use of a swinging arm mailbox support.

Snow Removal FAQ's

What is the policy of the town on snow removal?

We attempt to remove snow as quickly as possible.  Depending on the type and severity of the snowfall we would prefer to wait until the snowfall is winding down to try to limit the number of times that an area must be plowed and to provide safety for our drivers.  We try to monitor the Polk County Highway Department for the safety of our operators to be on the road, if the county calls their drivers off the road for safety concerns, we don’t want our drivers on the road as well.  We try to plow as many of our major travel routes as early in the process as well.